Saturday, January 26, 2008

theWAHMmagazine: Only One of Its Kind

theWAHMmagazine is the first and only online magazine for work-at-home parents, and is so green they are a 100% dedicated to never being in print.

Geared toward moms and dads, this environmentally-friendly publication launched January 5, 2008, and caters to parents running businesses, telecommuting, or freelancing out of their homes.

Listen up, writers: this is a great market!

From theWAHMmagazine guideline's page:

Payment Structure
(Note: Payments listed are contingent upon length, whether photos accompany the piece and other to editorial considerations. Please pay close attention to word count guidelines.)

1,000 to 3,000 words: $150 —$350
Dept. Columns:
Up to 800 words $65 — $125
Stories from the Trenches:
(see below)

Stories from the Trenches should be well-written creative non-fiction or fiction that relates to being a work-at-home parent. (Right now, we are not accepting poetry.)

100 words or less: $50
101-250 words: $75
251-500 words: $100
501-800 words: $125

801-1,000 words: $150

Pieces longer than 1,000 words for Stories from the Trenches may be considered. Payment is negotiable for longer pieces.

All submissions and submission-related queries should be sent to: submissions [at] (Please be sure to fill in the subject line. E-mails with blank subject lines will not be read.)

Just follow the submission guidelines and get busy submitting!

Be sure to subscribe so you won't miss an issue!

Did you already know about this unique digital publication? Do you admire their dedication to living green by not putting it in print? Are you excited to submit your own article or story to the editor? Express your thoughts in the comments.

Samantha D. Baker,
Freelance Writer, Blogger, WAHM

Friday, January 25, 2008

"Work" for the Little Ones

You're on a roll, your muse is pouring fresh ideas over you like story dust from the skies
and your sweet little one tugs on your shirt and says, "Mommy, I work too!"

Well, I've found a solution. Your wee one just admires you and your computer. Why not get them their own? Set up a "work station" where they can mimic you - while keeping occupied so you can finish your real work.

LeapFrog ClickStart My First Computer is a great learning tool and is appropriate for ages 3 - 6-years-old. It only requires four AA batteries, and will bring entertainment and joy to your child. This educational tool simply hooks up to your television set and creates a real "grown up computer" experience that will definitely be gratifying to your little worker bee.

Do you already have one of these awesome gadgets for your child(ren)? Do you plan on getting them one? Are your children already in school, so that you have hours of quiet in the house each day, or do you homeschool and juggle that with your freelance writing or other business? How do you keep your cuties occupied when deadlines loom? Tell us in the comments.

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Samantha D. Baker,
Freelance Writer, Blogger, WAHM

Copyright 2008 Freelance Writing and Blogging, Samantha D. Baker

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Must-Haves for WAHM's

If you're a mom who writes, you have to purchase a copy of Writer Mama: How to Raise a Writing Career Alongside Your Kids, by Christina Katz.

As single parents who write, it's important to find ways to relate to other WAHM's. Reading about a mom who successfully makes it work is invigorating! You'll absorb each of the 296 pages with delight, I'm sure.

It's wonderful how writers' quotes are shared at the beginning of every chapter. Not just writers' words, but quotes from other writer mama's.

I urge you to purchase a copy and keep it close by, always.

Do you have any favorite resources for WAHM's: websites, blogs, or books that help keep you motivated as you work from home while maintaining the household and children? Share with us in the comments.

Copyright 2008 Freelance Writing and Blogging, Samantha D. Baker

Copyright 2008 Freelance Writing and Blogging, Samantha D. Baker. All Rights Reserved.